The EASY CUBE site is full of techniques and incredible flexibility. From the facilities for the service station to the facilities of the business center, everything is thought out to have a sustainable and efficient site over time.

Modern and practical infrastructure

The combination of the ideas of all our project stakeholders, allowed us to achieve a finished project as we had hoped. We would like to thank everyone who worked closely and remotely on this project. Below, we will detail the ecological and sustainable aspects of the building.

Easy Cube

An eco-friendly building

Photovoltaic panels

We installed about 500m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof but also on 1 awning. This allows the business center to be almost autonomous in electricity This allows the business center to be almost autonomous in electricity.


We paid particular attention to insulating the building. From the floor of the cellar to the walls and the roof, we have complete insulation. Between the shop and the floors we have added a layer of insulation so as not to have energy loss between floors.

30m³ of rainwater for sanitary

2 big tanks of 15m3 come to help our consumption of water for the toilets on all the building. This allows us to avoid using potable water to power our amenities. We have 14 toilets, 6 urinals and 6 showers!


Meeting room

Meeting room

We put at your disposal this room of 70m² with a decoration design . With its table 6 meters long, there is no doubt, it can accommodate your team ! For presentations, training, etc. we change the layout of the room to 55 seats.


All year round, you can enjoy a gym. Access to it is included in the rental of your offices.



With your power of attorney, we receive your mail.

Car wash

Need to wash your car, Sophie will set an appointment during your office hours. Interior and exterior cleaning.

Titles services

You have to iron some clothes, we have a solution for you.

Shop Total

On the ground floor, you will find a brand new Total shop with everyday items, sandwich and pizza!